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About Us

Blue Zinc is an independent mortgage originator. We find the best loan to suit your own individual circumstances and goals - so you don't have to.

Following deregulation of the Australian banking industry and the introduction of non-bank lending institutions, there has been a massive increase in the number, complexity and variety of mortgage products available. Add to this the 'vigorous' advertising campaigns run by the lenders and the mortgage market becomes a daunting, frustrating and confusing jumble of jargon and double talk. The need has arisen for a company who constantly analyses the mortgage market and who knows the trends and strategies of the various lenders.

Blue Zinc understands Australia's complex mortgage market and is constantly researching the various mortgage products to ensure we know who is offering the best deals for all types of mortgages. We also understand each lender's lending assessment criteria so we can calculate your maximum borrowing capacity from each lender. All this allows us to help you make the right mortgage decision and saves your time by applying to the right lender the first time.

To make Blue Zinc the perfect mortgage service, we had to make it cheap - FREE was as cheap as we could get it. We charge the lender a commission based fee for lodging your loan with them. The lender pays this fee out of their profits or margin. All rates, fees and features you get by applying through Blue Zinc are the same, if not better, than if you were to apply direct to the lender.


  • Provide you with all the necessary details to enable you to make an informed decision about your mortgage.
  • Ensure that the process is hassle free.

You can find out more about all the things we do on our services page. Why not speak to one of our friendly Mortgage Consultants today on Freecall 1300 668 017.

 Australian Credit Licence 389811 & ACN 082 510 585


Our Team

One of the key reasons behind our continued success is the people behind the name. At Blue Zinc, we believe that we are only as good as our people. Although our systems, services, products and alliances are second to none, they are meaningless if the representative you are dealing with is not professional, knowledgeable and service-oriented.

Jason Hayden

Jason Hayden (B.Bus) - Director

Jasons' background is in Chartered Accounting and funds management, working for some of Australia largest firms. His desire to start Mortgagemaker was spawned from his own frustration and confusion while trying to find the right mortgage to purchase his home in July 1995. "I was an accountant with finance experience and I was still confused by what the banks were actually offering me. I spent weeks making calls, being put on hold, tabulating results, and calculating effective annual interest rates. How could the average person with work, family and other commitments make heads or tails of the right mortgage". Jason's enthusiasm and knowledge ensure his clients get the highest level of service possible.

To contact Jason:

Call Blue Zinc on (freecall) 1300 668 017.

Denver Beven

Denver Beven - General Manager

Denver's enthusiasm and ability to understand his clients needs ensure he is continually referred to new clients.  A double major in finance and accounting have given him a strong understanding of financial statements and tax returns while ensuring he can review your overall financial position.  Furthermore, his entensive experience in the finance industry provide for the perfect mortgage consultant.

To contact Denver:

Call Blue Zinc on (freecall) 1300 668 017 or (mobile) 0408 336 837.