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06 August 2018 - Boosting your Metabolism

It's a common belief that speeding up your metabolism helps you to stay healthy, burn more calories, and improve your weight loss efforts. Even though there's a lot of truth to this statement, there are also a number of myths associated with metabolism and how it functions. While exercise, diet, and lifestyle factors can have a significant effect on your metabolism, your age and genetic makeup also have an important role to play.  




02 August 2018 - Happiness & the Midlife Crisis

The midlife crisis has been partially explained in recent research, with our happiness said to follow a distinct U-shaped curve that bottoms out in our 40s. While only about 10 percent of men, and even fewer women, actually experience a full-blown midlife crisis, our middle years are the time when our happiness is tested the most. There is some good news, however, with the general unhappiness experienced in our 40s and early 50s almost always improving in the decades that follow.




18 July 2018 - What's in Store for the Aussie Dollar

The Australian dollar has fallen below 74 US cents, with levels almost below 73 US cents in early July. This dip was the lowest level the local currency has been since early 2017, with some experts predicting even lower levels in the months ahead. Whether you're running a large export business or simply doing your best to run a family, a strong or weak Aussie dollar can have a considerable impact on the price of investments and the cost of everyday household items.




16 July 2018 - Dealing with Household Waste

Household waste is a major problem across the world, with 50 tonnes of waste thrown away every second and 12 container ships filled each day. As if this wasn't bad enough, waste production is set to double by 2030 unless we make some drastic changes. The waste industry is a huge and growing business, with most waste either going to landfill or burned as it releases toxic dioxins into the atmosphere. Now more than ever, it's up to individuals to take responsibility for their own household waste.




13 July 2018 - Negative Gearing & the Election

With housing affordability a major concern in heated Australian markets, negative gearing is likely to be a big issue in the coming federal election.  As one of the most widely used incentives to reduce tax, any moves to scrap negative gearing will be as contentious as the concessions themselves. While proposed ALP reforms to negative gearing could save the federal government A$1.7 billion according to The Conversation, these changes do not stretch across the political divide.




09 July 2018 - Workouts to Help you Age More Gracefully

From expensive foods and supplements through to skincare products and cosmetic surgery, everyone wants to stay young for as long as possible. As it turns out, however, the best way to stay youthful and age gracefully is available to everyone and costs absolutely nothing. Time and time again, regular exercise has proved to be the best way to stay young, with physical workouts able to lower the levels of inflammation that are responsible for subjective ageing and so many age-related diseases.  




02 July 2018 - Cosmic Coincidences According to Science

There are a number of strange coincidences at the heart of the universe, and the closer you look, the more baffling they seem to get. In fact, some of the most remarkable scientific discoveries of recent decades can be described as coincidences, with the laws of the universe itself possibly tailored to the emergence of intelligent life. From the delicate balance of dark matter and dark energy through to the size of the moon, let's take a look at some of the weirdest cosmic coincidences according to science.



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