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13 July 2018 - Negative Gearing & the Election

With housing affordability a major concern in heated Australian markets, negative gearing is likely to be a big issue in the coming federal election.  As one of the most widely used incentives to reduce tax, any moves to scrap negative gearing will be as contentious as the concessions themselves. While proposed ALP reforms to negative gearing could save the federal government A$1.7 billion according to The Conversation, these changes do not stretch across the political divide.




09 July 2018 - Workouts to Help you Age More Gracefully

From expensive foods and supplements through to skincare products and cosmetic surgery, everyone wants to stay young for as long as possible. As it turns out, however, the best way to stay youthful and age gracefully is available to everyone and costs absolutely nothing. Time and time again, regular exercise has proved to be the best way to stay young, with physical workouts able to lower the levels of inflammation that are responsible for subjective ageing and so many age-related diseases.  




02 July 2018 - Cosmic Coincidences According to Science

There are a number of strange coincidences at the heart of the universe, and the closer you look, the more baffling they seem to get. In fact, some of the most remarkable scientific discoveries of recent decades can be described as coincidences, with the laws of the universe itself possibly tailored to the emergence of intelligent life. From the delicate balance of dark matter and dark energy through to the size of the moon, let's take a look at some of the weirdest cosmic coincidences according to science.




20 June 2018 - The Current Market Decline Compared to Previous Years

The current decline in Australian property values is significant, with national dwelling prices in May 1.1 percent below their peak on a monthly basis. According to the CoreLogic Home Value Index, the national housing market recorded its first annual decline in six years at -0.4 percent, with some state capitals following in the footsteps of Sydney and Melbourne. Despite the talk of a housing crash, however, this has all happened before in previous cycles, and it will all happen again.




18 June 2018 - How Much do Australians Earn?

Have you ever thought about how much the average Australian earns each year? Despite Treasurer Scott Morrison using the average figure of $84,600 a year to spruce his tax package, this is the average income for full-time workers and not the average for everyone. According to Credit Suisse's Global Wealth Databook, however, Australia is a wealthy country, having recently been ranked third in the world behind Iceland and Switzerland in terms of total wealth per adult at $402,603.




15 June 2018 - Japanese Interior Design Concepts

Western interior design has always been influenced by and drawn inspiration from other cultures. The exotic world of Japanese design has been a particularly fruitful source of ideas over the years, from the shapes and colours of traditional Japanese rooms through to the minimalism of kanso and the philosophy of zen. Whether you're choosing new furniture or undergoing a full renovation, many of the elements of Japanese design can be incorporated directly into western homes.  




08 June 2018 - The Health Benefits of Patience

From the computer networks that run the office through to the fast foods you enjoy at the end of the day, everything in modern life seems to be speeding up. The faster we go, the less we seem to get done, however, with urgency often leading to stress and anxiety. We all know that patience is a virtue, and according to science, it may also be beneficial for our physical and mental health. Having patience gives you the ability to wait and heal, the time to stay cool and collected, and the personal space that everyone needs for real health and well-being.




01 June 2018 - World's Most Dangerous Sports

Most of us are content playing tennis on the weekends or kicking the soccer ball with the kids after school. For others, however, sport is a much more exciting and dangerous endeavour. From BASEjumping and bull riding through to luge and endurance ocean racing, some sports are much more likely to lead to injury and death than others. Let's take a look at some of the world's most dangerous sports to see if you're ready to swap the golf clubs for a bucking bull or wingsuit.



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