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15 August 2017 - Fastest Growing Areas in Australia

The Australian population has grown by 8.8% over the past 5 years, bringing present day numbers to just over 24.5 million people. Despite strong population growth, the distribution of people is far from even as people increasingly gravitate towards large urban centres. Using data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), let's take a look at the fastest growing cities and states in Australia over the last year and the fastest growing local areas over the last five years.




08 August 2017 - Household Items Causing you Harm

Your home is your sanctuary - the one place where you can relax, unwind, and forget about the troubled world outside. If you're not careful, however, your home can become contaminated and dangerous, through the introduction of household chemicals and other unsafe products. In order to make better decisions for yourself and your family, it's important to understand why these chemicals are dangerous and find safe working alternatives. 




04 August 2017 - Health Benefits of the Beach

The world is getting faster and more connected all the time, making it more important than ever to slow down and look after your health. As it turns out, spending time at the beach is one of the best ways you can look after yourself, with multiple studies highlighting the physical and mental benefits of time by the ocean. Not only does the beach promote happiness and general wellbeing, it's also a great way to relax, improve brain function, and help fight off infection.




01 August 2017 - Plastic Pollution Planet

Plastic pollution is getting out of control, with landfills and oceans across the world clogging up with this highly toxic material. Because plastics don't break down like other man-made products, three-quarters of the stuff ends up as waste and only a small proportion is ever recycled or reused. While small efforts are being made to ban plastic bags in Australia and other western countries, much more needs to be done to address this huge and growing problem.




31 July 2017 - Review Your Mortgage

If there is one message to explain to our clients this month it is for everyone to spend 15 minutes and call or email us to do a simple rate and product review on their current setup.

Every lender, without exception has changed its policy or products dramatically in the past six (6) months. These changes have been in response to government pressure to reduce the flow of finance to investors. However, there are many home owner borrowers being negatively affected by the sweeping changes all the same.




21 July 2017 - High Ceilings! High Returns! Ideal Darling Harbour Investment

806/243 Pyrmont Street, Pyrmont NSW 2009

Unique 1 bedroom opportunity located on Level 8 in the original section of the Goldsborough building. This apartment is characterized with high 4.1 ceilings and exposed timber columns and just 'oozes' charm and a great atmosphere. Lots of features including modern kitchen and bathroom, spacious living areas with a bright Easterly aspect and great City skyline view.

Bonus potential to create a New York style loft, to maximize floor space subject to strata approval.

Asking Price: $599,000

Current Rent: $540 p/w

Strata Rates: $1,620 p/q

Water/Council Rates: $430 p/q

Contact: John Tsironis 0402 696 497





18 July 2017 - Changes to Super for 2018 Financial Year

Superannuation changes took effect on July 1, 2017, with new opportunities for Australians to manage existing funds and build bigger nest eggs. Along with a reduction in the amount of annual non-concessional and concessional contributions each individual can make, there are also new limits on tax-free pension phase superannuation accounts and a lower limit on tax advantaged contributions. While it's too late to make extra contributions, it's important to understand the implications of these changes going forward.




17 July 2017 - Property Investor Lending Slows

Tighter lending regulations and rising bank interest rates have caused a slowdown in property investment across Australia. While investors still represent a healthy share of new property lending, the value of owner-occupier commitments is growing as the market finds a new balance. First home buyers are also storming back into the market, with the value of investor loans forecast to shrink over coming months as other segments of the market put down their stake. 




14 July 2017 - The Gentle Art of Sleeping

Good quality sleep is essential to wellbeing, with healthy sleep patterns one of the best ways to ensure a long and happy life. While sleep comes easy to some people, others struggle with insomnia and other sleep disorders that keep them awake for hours. New research suggests that most people benefit from a warm-up period before hitting the pillow, with sleep training no longer just a technique to get babies through the night. By managing the foods and drinks you consume during the evening and paying close attention to technology and other activities, everyone can have access to better quality sleep.




11 July 2017 - The Danish Art of 'Hygge'

It doesn't matter where you live around the world, winter is a great time to enjoy your home and get cosy with the people that you love. The Danish people are so enamoured with the concept of cosiness that they have their own term for it - hygge. Defined as “a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being,” this word describes the simple pleasures that can make the winter period so satisfying.  




03 July 2017 - The Physical Internet

Over three billion people use the Internet on a regular basis, with 46,000 gigabytes of data pulsing through cables each and every second. While the Internet has been described as a network, a culture, or even a cloud of information - these abstract concepts hide a simple and very physical reality. Behind the romance of instantaneous communication and free information, the Internet relies on a bunch of cables and data exchanges that criss-cross the globe.



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