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Our Services

The perfect mortgage service should provide the following:

  • Find the best loan that meets your own individual circumstances & goals.
  • Experienced & helpful consultants always available at call.
  • Excellent range of mortgage lenders, products & services.
  • Convenient mobile service.
  • Residential or commercial, investment or owner occupied, new purchase or refinance, bridging or building finance - all loans large & small.
  • Debt analysis & appraisal.
  • Member of the Mortgage Industry Association of Australia.

Finally, to make Blue Zinc the perfect mortgage service, we had to make it cheap - FREE was as cheap as we could get it. The lender pays us a commission based fee for lodging your loan with them. The lender pays this fee out of their profits or margin. All rates, fees and features you get by applying through Blue Zinc are the same, if not better, than if you were to apply direct to the lender.

Our Process

This outline is intended to briefly explain the process involved in applying for and obtaining mortgage finance. Should you require more information, please do not hesitate in contacting Blue Zinc on 1300 668 017 or info@bluezinc.com.au.

Who can Blue Zinc help?

Busy people:

Who don't have the time to call all the lenders and when they do, spend most of their time on hold or talking to an inexperienced bank officer. If you want to talk to one person who is experienced and has access to over 180 mortgage products - then Blue Zinc can help you.

Self-employed people:

Who often feel as though they are hitting their heads against a brick wall. The bank wants to see income and your accountant keeps finding ways to reduce your income. Blue Zinc understands how the various lenders view different types of income and expenses and also know how to package an application to give it the best chance of success.

First-time buyers:

Who are often perplexed and daunted by the jargon and bank-speak. People who have not had a mortgage for a number of years may also feel the same way. Blue Zinc compiles the information in plain English to allow everyone to fully understand all the real rates, fees and features being offered. We are then available, at any time, to answer any questions you may have - and you will have questions.


Who know they can refinance their investment property into a better mortgage facility. The only thing stopping them is the hassle and transfer costs involved in changing over. Blue Zinc can reduce the costs involved in the transfer and assist in the process to ensure the transfer is hassle free.

 Australian Credit Licence 389811 & ACN 082 510 585